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Udgivet 20/06/2023


Projektstatus: Under udarbejdelse

The project is, as of June 2023, a pilot project between UCL, SDU and FMS aiming at developing digital aides for energy efficient operation of short and high sea vessels using machine leaning and AI to evaluate performance data and suggest solutions to the operator. Further the project is intended to come up with proposals for future competencies needed among deck and engine crews.

As of time of update (2023-06-20) the project group is working to secure funding for the pilot project.

Title: Safe navigation in least-CO2 ferry routes in the Danish waters

The Carbon Intensity Indicators (CIIs) have recently been normed by IMO, and mandatory measures have been adopted to gradually reduce their values, starting from 2023. In the short term, one way to achieve such a reduction could be through operational voyage optimization depending on forecast meteo-marine conditions. Research studies demonstrate that least-CO2 routes can significantly diverge from least-distance routes in the ocean. Studies also demonstrate noticeable CO2 reductions for shorter ferry routes in the Adriatic Sea. However, they do not account for the density of traffic along the least-CO2 routes, and, in this way, they do not consider safety constraints that may influence optimal routes.

The main objective of this project is to study whether the optimisation of short ferry routes in the Danish waters can play a role for the reduction of CIIs and how big the gain can be achieved.

The other objective is to explore how least-CO2 route optimisation can influence the charging strategies for ships with battery propulsion.

The project is seen as a pilot project lasting for 1 year. If the project proves noticeable CO2 savings on ferry routes in the Danish waters, financial support will be sought to develop web-based operational voyage optimisation tool available to the operators of ferry lines.


In part the problem formulation is described above. Will be formulated in more detail when the subject of the project is agreed among the partners.

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