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Udgivet 15/02/2023

Packed bed scrubber for marine exhaust gas cleaning

Projektstatus: Afsluttet

New global sulpher emission regulation comes into effect in 2020 and sets new standards.

Packed bed scrubbers are used for emission control of sulpher, which is present in the heavy fuel oil used by most ships.

Space abourd ships is very limited, and power production aboard ships is expensive, whish is why more compact design of equipment and more efficient, low operation cost scrubbers are required.


By knowing which parameters, such as water flow, water pH and exhaust gas temperature, governs the operating conditions, it is posible to tailor these for specific scrubber units and thereby reduce the operating costs.

By having an intimate knowledge about the flow, pressure, chemistry and thermodynamics throughout the scrubber, it will be possible to develop a code of practice for design, which can reduce the material cost, while simultaneously reducing the pressure loss and assuring that the removal of sulpher is sufficient.

ME Production A/S
Energiteknik, AAU
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Mathias Poulsen
Ind. PhD Student
Niels Ilberg Jacbsen
Lektor, Maskinmester