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KIMO Denmark

Information about KIMO Denmark

KIMO is an international environmental organization for local authorities.

KIMO represents municipalities with coasts on the North Sea, the Irish Sea, parts of the North Atlantic and the Baltic Sea and have members in several countries. All west coast municipalities in Denmark are members of KIMO and the membership is extending eastwards to Denmark’s other coasts.

As members of KIMO, we have many common areas of interest. We are dependent on fishing, agriculture, tourism and leisure activities and these activities are closely linked to the requirement for a clean marine environment.

KIMO has therefore for a number of years worked to address:

  • maritime security and major pollution disasters
  • radioactive waste and transport
  • decommissioning of oil and gas platforms
  • inputs of waste to the North Sea and how the amount can be reduced over time
  • registration of dumped conventional and chemical weapons
  • pollution from dangerous substances
  • adequate insurance coverage in the event of pollution disasters or other effects where costs may be imposed on municipalities

The organization has a wide international and national network and cooperates with NGOs, national and international authorities and research institutions.