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Udgivet 19/10/2020

SkillSea - Future-proof Skills for The Maritime Transport Sector

Projektstatus: Aktiv

Project period: January 2019-December 2022


Technology and digitalisation are transforming the shipping industry. Europe is a traditional global source of maritime expertise and the project aims at fostering the cooperation at EU-level between the industry, education and training providers and authorities with the objective of ensuring that the region’s maritime professionals possess key digital, green and soft management skills for the rapidly changing maritime labour market. It seeks to not only produce a sustainable skills strategy for European maritime professionals (future-proof, adaptable, attractive), but also to increase the number of these professionals - enhancing the safety and efficiency of this vital sector.


SkillSea is a unique consortium of the industry’s social partners, the European Community Shipowners’ Association and the European Transport Workers’ Federation, national maritime authorities, shipping companies, shipowner’ associations, maritime trade unions and maritime education providers.

Key aims and objectives include:

  • Analysing the effect of technological developments on the industry’s skills requirements
  • An even better match between the industry’s skills needs and the education and training of maritime professionals
  • Overcoming barriers to the mobility of maritime professionals
  • Improving cooperation and synergy between education providers, maritime authorities and the industry
  • Ensuring that Europe retains a world-leading access to maritime skills and experience for improved competitiveness
STC Group (STC) The Netherlands
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Norway
Formare (Italian Maritime Educational Agency) Italy
Eugenides Foundation (EF), Greece
Støttet af
The European Union's Erasmus+ programme
Pilot Findings, Tools, Guides, Educational Material (Modules) etc. are presented on the portal as soon as they are finalized https://www.skillsea.eu/index.php/maritime-education-training-portal
Susie Bogojevic-Simonsen
Manager of legal affairs and internationalisation