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Udgivet 13/05/2020

The influence of stakeholder groups in operation and maintenance services of offshore wind farms - Lessons from Denmark

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One of the prime challenges in offshore wind is to manage and coordinate with the various stakeholders
involved in the operation and maintenance (O&M) phase. Therefore the aims of this paper are: i) to map
the stakeholder groups involved in O&M of Offshore Wind Farm (OWF), ii) to assess the identified
stakeholder group's interest and power to influence O&M, iii) to evaluate the relationship between
different stakeholder groups and iv) to highlight potential strategies to manage the stakeholder groups.
In this article, the stakeholder analysis approach is used. The results reveal that eleven key stakeholder
groups are directly involved in the O&M phase. Among those, the stakeholder groups named Investor/
owner, Turbine supplier, Operator's own technicians, Port facility and Vessel supplier are the most
powerful stakeholders. In contrast, Onshore service providers and Component suppliers are considered
less influential stakeholders. A friendly relationship exists between the governmental agency and the
owner of OWFs. The operators consider themselves as competitors. The operator-subcontractor relationship
is top-down. The relationship among the sub-contractors is complex because of the perception
of losing business if they cooperate with their competitors. From the sustainability point of angel,
achieving cooperative advantage is always preferable than competitive advantage.


The motivation of this research is to provide useful insights on the stakeholder groups associated with O&M of OWF, which can be utilized to develop proper strategies to manage the diverse stakeholders efficiently. To reach this overall aim, this article is going to answer the follow research questions:

i) Who are the stakeholder groups in O&M OWF?

ii) What are the interests and influence of these stakeholder groups in the O&M of OWF?

iii) What are the existing relationships among these stakeholder groups?

iv) What are the potential strategies to manage these stakeholders in an integrated manner?

Fredericia Maskinmesterskole
SDU - Esbjerg / Risk and Safety Center
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Forskningsartikel udgivet Renewable Energy, Volume 125, September 2018, Pages 819-828
Søren "Safety" Pedersen
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