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Udgivet 13/05/2020

Why does the offshore wind industry need standardized HSE management systems - An evidence from Denmark

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The offshore wind sector is one of the key sources for producing renewable energy. Though there is a
rapid growth in the offshore wind sector, there is still a dearth of synchronization in HSE (Health, Safety
and Environment) standards. This paper attempts to ascertain what are the major challenges of the
company specific HSE standards, why does the offshore wind industry need a standardized HSE management
system and who can play the key role in this process? To achieve these objectives, this research
applies the interview and survey techniques. The research identified several key challenges such as gaps
in coordination and communication among the stakeholders, gaps in incident reporting systems and the
absence of a common HSE standard to overcome these challenges. Seven stakeholders were identified
who can influence the development process of a harmonized HSE management system. However, the
operators and turbine manufacturers are the key stakeholders to play role in this development process.
The results of this study provide the top management to understand the problems associated with the
current un-harmonized company specific HSE management systems and how to address these problems
by creating a common HSE management standard to achieve the goal of 'zero accidents'.


To reach the aims, this research will answer the following research questions:

i) Is there any challenge in the HSE Management systems used by the offshore wind industry?

ii) What are the offshore wind technicians' risk perceptions of the challenges in the existing, company specific HSE management systems, and how is it possible to overcome those challenges?

iii) Who are the key stakeholders for developing a standardized HSE management system? and

iv) To discuss what can be done to develop a standardized HSE system?

SDU - Esbjerg / Risk and Safety Center
Fredericia Maskinmesterskole
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Research article published: Renewable Energy 136 (2019) 691e700
Dewan Ahsan
Lektor, The Management and Economics of Resources and Environment (MERE) Research Group at SDU
Søren "Safety" Pedersen
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